Tacoma Roof Repair

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Leaks Call for Tacoma Roof Repair Services

Homeowners often are unaware of leaks until rain starts to fall one day and seeps into the interior of a home. It may take minor or major repairs to return the roof to ideal condition to protect your house in the proper manner. A thorough inspection of the roof is the only way to determine the extent of your problems. It will take someone with professional training to spot all the issues that your roof may have during this type of situation. Call in a Tacoma roof repair specialist from MossProof for the necessary inspection and repairs.

Inspection of the Roof

This professional will inspect the entire roof not just the area that is leaking. This way he can catch other possible issues before leaks occur in other areas. He will check the flashing, shingles, underlayment, gutters and more. After he figures out the exact issues, he will write you up a quote for any necessary repairs. Your homeowner’s insurance may cover part of the expense if your roof requires extensive repairs. The roofing professional will help communicate the charges to the insurance company for you.

What Minor Repairs May Entail

Minor repairs may entail replacing a few shingles, roofing felt or the a piece of flashing. These are affordable repairs and only take a short time to finish. In addition, at times nails work loose and need replacing. You may think problems as minor as these may not lead to larger problems, but this is a big misconception. When minor issues do not receive immediate attention, they turn into major ones quickly.

Gutters may need re-attaching to keep the water for running in between the roof and gutters instead on into the gutters. This could damage the eaves of the house as well as other sections when you ignore the issue of a loose gutter. Listen to the advice of the professional roofer we send out when you call us here at MossProof. He will guide you in the right direction.

When Replacement Is the Only Answer

Roofs have a certain lifespan according to their style and materials. If the roof has extensive damage or is just too old it may need replacing instead of a minor repair. Luckily, you will not need to contact a different company for this service as we also offer roof replacement on top of simple repairs. At times, you can place a new roof over an existing roof if it does not have too many shingles missing. However, the old roof needs removing if there are already two layers of roof on the house or the old roof has too severe of damage. This is true when speaking of asphalt shingles, but other roofing materials have different rules.

You can prevent leaks from occurring in roofs through properly cleaning and maintaining it condition. However, when you need roof repairs in the Tacoma area, please give us a call here at MossProof. We will send out a professional with the necessary knowledge to help you with your roofing needs.



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