Tacoma Moss Removal

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Why Moss Removal Is Important in Tacoma, Washington

Over the years, many issues will come up with your house’s roof that require immediate attention. Moss is one such issue. This is a living organism that can grow on your roof. Wind and animals carry the moss spores to your roof where they sprout and grow especially in moist, shady conditions. Dirt and debris act as food for the moss and as it grows, damage will occur to the roof. As this damage occurs, the moss will have additional nutrients to use for further growth. You probably will notice numerous houses with this problem as you drive through Tacoma, Washington. It is important for every homeowner to understand the type of damage that can occur from moss growing on the house’s roof.

Type of Damage That Will Occur with Moss

Moss grows in such a way as to cause the edges of asphalt shingles to curl. This makes the shingles at risk for blow off the roof in a high wind. In addition, this curling will lead to leaks occurring in the roofs. This plant also makes the roof retain more moisture in the areas where it grows. This additional dampness could lead to other type of things growing on your roof, such as algae. It is important to have a professional perform moss removal to prevent any further damage from occurring. The faster you can remove the moss from your roof the better it is for its overall condition.

Algae Cause Damage in a Different Way

Algae often show up on a house’s roof in black streaks or spots. These organisms feed on the shingles’ limestone filler. This will lead to the ceramic granules loosening and falling off the surface of the roof. Shingles will have less UV protection and lead to the roof aging more quickly. As with moss, algae will set up a condition on the shingles that is ideal for other organic life to grow on the shingles.

Periodic Cleaning Is the Cure for Both Moss and Algae

Cleaning the roof periodically is the best way to rid the roof of both moss and algae. However, the wrong cleaning methods may cause further damage rather than preventing it. This undesirable methods will loosen tiles and may destroy the coating on certain types of tiles. After this cleaning occurs, you will still have issues that you need to address.

Professionals with MossProof use a gentle method for cleaning that will remove any moss and algae without any damaging side effects. The moss removal process also will remove algae from your roof. It also helps prevent the re-growth of these organisms. Never try to tackle this problem on your own. For one thing, you do not traverse a roof on a daily basis, so you may put yourself in danger. In addition, you do not have the expertise that our professionals have to accomplish the job correctly. Call us today if you live in Tacoma and let us perform the job for you.


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