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Information about Tacoma, WA Roof Repair Services

Has your roof seen better days? Does it need some special attention? If so, you need the roof repair or other services of a professional roofing company. MossProof performs many types of services that keep your roof in ideal condition. This helps your house to retain its value, whether you require cleaning or some type of repair. Make sure the top of your house is always in ideal condition through maintaining it the proper manner.

Tacoma, WA Roof Cleaning

Over the course of time, your roof will become covered with dirt, algae, and even moss. If these things are not removed from the area, they can cause your roof to become damaged. Moss and algae are living plants that use roofing materials for nourishment. These plants will eat the roof to the point of making it leaks.

Keeping your roof clean is important for this reason. Be careful with how you clean your roof, though, as the wrong method could damage valuable parts of your roof. Asphalt shingles could tear apart or the flashing could become loose. Instead of damaging your roof with the wrong cleaning method, call MossProof for a gentle cleaning for your roof if you are in the Tacoma, WA area. A roofing professional will clean all the dirt, algae, moss and other things from your roof in the right method to keep from damaging the roof.

Tacoma, WA Roof Repair

Wear and tear happens to a roof over the years. This could cause leaks to show up or other issues that need repair. Wind, rain, hail, snow, and even branches or trees falling could cause the wear and tear. On top of these elements, maintaining the roof in the wrong way also could cause damage. Proper cleaning methods have to be used on roofs to prevent some of this type of damage. You need to address all leaks in your roof immediately no matter what their cause to safeguard the inside of your home. If you do not, then water can get into your house and cause damage to the walls and floors. Do not be afraid to contact us for a professional solution to roofing issues.

All roofs at some point in their lives will need replacing. The nice thing is that we also specialize in the replacement of roofs when more than minor repairs are called for to solve your issues. MossProof sends out a highly skilled crew to dismantle the old roof and install the new roof. Contact us to have one of our staff members come out to your house and provide you with a quote for whatever services your roof requires.

Tacoma, WA Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are on the house to allow the water to drain off and away from the house. When the gutters become clogged, the water will not drain properly. Water could collect on the roof and damage it when this occurs. This can even make the wood to decay that is the base of your roof. When this happens, you will need a roof replacement not just the gutters cleaned. On top of this, the gutters could pull loose from their brackets. This opens a gap up between the house and gutters through which the water will drain.

This could cause standing water at the foundation to the point of damaging it. When this occurs, your foundation may crack and this endangers the entire house. This is why it is crucial to keep the gutters in the correct condition at all times. A major part of doing this is cleaning them out on a regular basis. We understand how to clean and maintain your gutters so that they always drain the water correctly off your roof and away from your house to prevent any damage from occurring. Let our professionals unclog your gutters and downspouts of any debris that is causing the water not to drain correctly. Our professionals will check and clean all parts of your gutter system, as even one small clog can turn into a larger problem.

Tacoma, WA Moss Removal

Removing moss and algae from your roof will prevent certain damage from occurring. Moss and algae are plants that thrive on your roof because they feed off the roofing materials to get their nutrients, as we mentioned earlier. During this feeding process, the roof materials break down and weaken. Leaks easily happen under this condition. Water can seep into the inside walls, flooring and other parts of the house and destroy your lovely home as these leaks appear.

Did you know that a MossProof can help you get rid of moss and algae? Yes, we will clean all the algae and moss off your roof using a gentle technique that does not harm your roof in any way. In addition, through this method you can keep these plants from growing back on your roof in between cleanings.

Call us today if you are in the Tacoma, WA area. Our professionals will provide quality roof repair and other services to keep your roof healthy.


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