Seattle Roof Cleaning

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Seattle Roof Cleaning Will Protect Your House

A roof plays a crucial role in the life of your house. After all, if something goes wrong with it, damage will occur inside your home. This part of a house keeps the weather, fallen leaves and branches, snow, rain and even animals from entering the house. However, the roof takes a great deal of abuse to provide the house this type of protection. Dirt, twigs, animal droppings, moss and even algae will accumulate on the roof over time. All of these things cause damage unless you call MossProof in Seattle to come perform roof cleaning for you.

Protect Your Home’s Value

Keeping your roof clean will protect the value of your house. As it becomes dirty and tattered looking, a roof will lose its attractive appearance. This will negatively affect the overall value of your home. Did you know that the value of your roof alone is into the thousands of dollars? You may not be worrying about this at the moment, but you will if you go to sell your house at one point or another. Cleaning the roof is the simple solution to this concern. In fact, you may even increase the value of your home with this one simple act.

Keep Damage from Occurring

Another thing cleaning your roof does is prevent damage from occurring. Any substance that accumulates on the roof causes it to age faster or break down in some manner. Moss and algae even feed on certain elements in the roofing materials. In other words, they eat your roof! All this leads to tiny holes, cracks and other issues to develop in the roof that allow water to seep into the house. This is why it is important to remove any accumulation of undesirable substances from your roof.

The Right Cleaning Method Is Important

It is important to use the right cleaning method on your roof. Gentle cleaning will remove the dirt and other accumulations without disturbing any of the shingles. Strong chemicals will destroy the protective coating on asphalt shingles making them less able to protect your home. High-pressure washing may dislodge the shingles. This is why you need to call for professional roof cleaning from our company. Another thing this cleaning accomplishes is the prevention of moss and algae from re-growing on your roof.

Our professional staff at MossProof delivers the right cleaning method to your roof to remove all dirt, grime and live organisms without damaging the overall condition of the roof. We only send to people with the right qualifications to your house. They also will examine the roof during cleaning to detect any early signs of other issues. This will alert you to any possible areas that need repairing. Call us today to see how we will help your roof if you reside in Seattle. We guarantee satisfaction for all our services.


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