Is It Time for Seattle Moss Removal Services?

Is moss growing in between the shingles on your roof? If it is, you must act now, as it will cause further damage. It will thrive, spread and even loosen the shingles in the end. Moss holds moisture onto your roof and it sets up the ideal environment for algae to thrive. These two living organisms will wreak havoc on your roof. This havoc will lead to further damage and high repair bills. How do you eliminate this problem from your roof when you reside in Seattle? You just need to call MossProof and we will send a crew to your house to clean your roof gently!

What Moss Does to Asphalt Shingles

The moss spores fly on the wind to your house or various animals will also transport the spores to your roof. Moss spores first starts to grow in the cracks between the shingles. As the moss grows, it causes the edges of the shingles to turn up and this allows dirt and moisture to work up underneath them. This also allows the wind to blow them loose to the point they will come off the roof. Cleaning your roof periodically will prevent the moss from growing, but you will need moss removal once this plant is thriving on your roof. The only way to prevent damage from occurring with your roof is to be diligent caring for it.

How Algae Growth Affects Your Roof

Algae grow by feeding off the limestone filler in asphalt shingles. This limestone adds weight to the shingles and this keeps them in place better. As the algae thrive, the ceramic granules that provide protection to the shingles will loosen and fall away. This lowers the UV protection of the shingles putting your roof at risk for other damage. This is why it is so important to clean off the roof at the first sign of algae growth.

Removing Moss and Algae Will Prevent Further Damage

Removing any moss and algae is the only way to prevent further damage to your roof. If you do not remove these organisms, you will have major repair bills eventually. You may even have to replace your entire roof. This runs into thousands of dollars. It is hard for most people to afford repair bills this large. Don’t you have better things to spend your money on than replacing your roof just because you let moss and algae grow out of control?

Moss removal with the MossProof method will eliminate both moss and algae without damaging the roof. This method will also prevent these organisms from growing back after the removal process is complete. We use this method anytime we removing moss from roofs. This process comes with a guarantee of satisfaction so you have no fear of doing business with us. If you are in the Seattle area, call us today for our services to keep your roof in the right condition to protect your house effectively.