Seattle Gutter Cleaning

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The Importance of Seattle Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter systems channel water runoff from the roof to make sure it drains away from the house. This is to safeguard the roof, foundation and other parts of the house from water damage. All the gutters, downspouts and elbow connectors need to be free from clogs for the water to flow freely. There also are brackets and fasteners to attach this drainage system to the house. The point is that all these parts work together to provide proper drainage from your roof. It is wise to check for clogs in your system periodically by calling for our professional gutter cleaning if you live in Seattle.

How Gutters Protect the Roof

Gutters allow the water to run off the roof in an efficient manner. This prevents any standing water on the roof that can cause damage to the shingles, sheathing, fascia or other areas of the roof. In addition, efficiently removing water from the roof keeps the moisture level down and this helps to control the growth of moss and algae. These living organisms also cause roof damage. Remember, if damage occurs to the roof, the inside of your house may suffer water damage. This leads to expensive repair bills.

Protect Your Foundation with Gutter Cleaning

Clean, free-flowing gutters also protect your foundation. This is because an extension at the end of the downspout will guide the water away from the house. Standing water will eventually make the foundation crack and crumble from too much moisture. The foundation is the base for your entire house. Other areas of the house also will show signs of damage when the foundation is not in prime condition. However, when you keep the water draining properly from the house through clean, clog-free gutters, you avoid issues that lead to sizable repair bills.

An Inspection at the Same Time

Another benefit to having a professional clean your gutters is the fact that he also will perform an inspection on them at the same time. This will detect any possible issues before any major problems occur. Loose gutters will pull away from the house and make them ineffective for channeling water off the roof in the right manner. In addition, any leaks in the system will be easy for him to find through the cleaning process. You can discuss with our professional how much any repairs may be for returning your gutters to proper working condition.

Neglecting the gutters will only lead to problems, so call on MossProof to clean your gutters professionally today if you live in Seattle area. We will remove all dirt and debris from your gutter system and even your underground, storm sewer pipes if necessary. Our staff members will not leave until your gutter system is free of clogs and anything that can hamper how effectively it works. Call us today to discuss your house and gutter situation. We will provide you any answers you need to decide we are the company to take care of your gutters and roof.


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